Amazon has all things  from A-Z for sale. To re-iterate the fact, they've started the campaign on Instagram called InstaProject AtoZ. It is a 26 week long campaign in which each week will have a theme based on the letter for that week (a letter for a week in alphabetical order). People are asked to contribute by uploading their photographs for the theme. Best photographs will be rewarded.
A gas station with a restaurant on the highway

Organic produce portal and store

Nature photography portal that is passionate both about species detail and image detail
Inspiration: A close-up of a bird’s eye | Camera Lens

Online profile-authentication system for working professionals
Inspiration: Shield | Tick mark | Face-off (the movie)

Social-media network that ensures safety and freedom with well-defined spheres of relationships
Inspiration: Golden Circle | Rolled Tie

Production house that believes in making non-mainstream, unconventional cinema
Inspiration: Unplugged (the name itself)
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